Just a small sample of the research done on C60

Baati: The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60]fullerene.

Therapeutic potential of nanocarbon c60 fullerene in osteoarthritis

C60 fullerene as promising therapeutic agent for correcting and preventing skeletal muscle fatigue

Protective Effects of Fullerene C60 Nanoparticles and Virgin Olive Oil against Genotoxicity Induced by Cyclophosphamide in Rats

The applications of buckminsterfullerene C60 and derivatives in orthopaedic research

Fullerene C60 Antioxidant Action

Clinical evaluation of fullerene-C60 dissolved in squalane for anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

Improvement of acne vulgaris by topical fullerene application: unique impact on skin care. treating acne

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