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Why it’s important to clean and detox the body from a holistic point of view

Updated: Feb 10

Toxic body equals low vibration

Low vibration equals a sluggish mental state

Like attracts like

Toxicity equals a NEGATIVE state of being

A clean detoxed body and mind equals a POSITIVE state of being

We are beings of resonance

What are you attracting

We are body, mind and spirit. The human body vibrates at a higher level when it is healthy as can be seen from its expanded aura. When the bodies vibration has been lowered through toxic stress, the aura is shrunk, the brain is foggy, there is disease or potential of disease and you tend to attract negative people and situations. Toxins are some of the major causes of low vibrational energy and they must be removed from the body and brain in order to normalize and raise our vibration.

We are beings of resonance

Everything in nature has a specific resonant frequency including human beings. What we resonate with we will attract. Think of the tuning fork analogy, take two tuning forks of the same frequency strike one and hold it next too the other fork, observe how the second fork starts to vibrate in sync with the first one, if the second fork was of a different frequency it would not resonate, like attracts like comes to mind. When our bodies are full of oxidative stress we have a much more diminished vibration, and it follows that our mental state and energy body are also diminished. Using the tuning fork analogy what are we going to resonate with and therefore attract into our lives?

Check out this YouTube video Resonance: Beings of Frequency

How toxins enter the body

Toxins enter the body through foods that contain a lot of farm chemicals and processing chemicals, water, polluted air and personal care products that contain high levels of artificial preservatives (e.g. parabens), synthetic colors, fragrances (e.g. phthalates), surfactants (e.g. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), thickeners, softeners, solvents and many other harmful chemicals. They also enter through cleaning and laundry products.

Effects of toxins in the body

Toxins affect organs and body processes, lower the body’s vibration and cause various diseases. Chlorine in bleach causes many health problems when breathed in or when touched. Parabens found in up to 90% of all cosmetics are known to disrupt hormone function and have been found in biopsies of breast cancer. Synthetic colors are linked to ADHD in children and irritate the skin. Synthetic fragrances cause dermatitis, allergies, respiratory distress and potentially affect the reproductive system. Many things can be said about the thousands of chemicals used in our food and personal care, laundry and cleaning products that we use daily. That is why detoxifying the body is critical for holistic health, mind, physical body and energy body.

Free radicals

Radiation, either from constant exposure to WiFi signals or from the sun’s ultra-violet light,causes the body to produce excessive free radicals, a major cause of dis-ease. . Natural body processes also produce free radicals, so to much stimulation in that area is very detrimental to the health. We are swimming in WiFi radiation every day, there is literally no getting away fro it, unless you want to unplug and live in a very rural area with no connection to the internet or the world.

Effects of free radicals

Free radicals, by their nature, react with almost any molecule that they come across and damage them. The result is lower vibration of the body, damage to the skin which leads to early signs of aging and damage to various organs that leads to diseases. That is why free radicals must be removed through the use of antioxidants.

Antioxidants in the diet

You can get antioxidants such as vitamin C and E and other phytochemicals that have antioxidant properties from plant foods. However, with the high content of free radicals these days, food antioxidants are not enough. They have one limitation: one molecule can only absorb one molecule of free radicals, meaning that you can never have enough antioxidants from food. Actually, looking at the western diet in which meats dominate, how many people are taking enough fruits and vegetables to benefit from antioxidants?

Carbon-60 super antioxidant

So here is the good news:The solution lies in carbon-60. Carbon-60 has been thoroughly researched from the time it was discovered. Among its many health benefits, it was found to be a super antioxidant due to the ball-like structure of its molecule. It is 170 times more powerful than any other antioxidant, e.g. one carbon-60 molecule was found to absorb up to 34 methyl free radical molecules. A notable study was done in 2011 in France in which rats given water or olive oil died during the experiment but those given C60 olive oil survived and lived twice their normal lifespan. That was due to C60’s ability to absorb free radicals, its anti-inflammatory properties and many other health properties.

How To Detox Your Body-Carbon-60 for detox

The greatest thing about C60 is that it has been tested for toxicity many times as scientists were worried that it could be harmful and they found it to be non-toxic. In fact, it has been found to be a great absorber of toxins! It absorbs toxin molecules within its ball-like structure and removes them from the body. That means, if you take C60 oil, you can benefit from its detoxification properties as it sweeps through the body. All those toxins that enter the body through day-to-day life can be removed, leaving the body clean. By taking a tea spoon of C60 oil daily, your body and brain become healthier, raising your vibrational frequency, you attract positive opportunities and positive people, and you may end up living a longer healthier life than you expected. Naturally eating a good balanced diet helps a great deal, plenty of good quality fruits and veggies and good clean water.

So what frequency do you want to resonate with, positive or negative, no brainier really.


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