A Little About Us

For the past 30+ years I have been very interested in mind/body health, and optimization. I first got into yoga with a very proficient teacher who opened me up to the mind body connection, I then researched shamanism and worked with shamans in Mexico and South America. In between I trained up to level 3 in Reiki and was also very interested in sound as a healing and balancing tool for the body/mind.

Carbon 60 For Body And Mind

So as you can see my focus is on being healthy in mind body and spirit. Some time ago I came across Carbon 60 Oil and as I do I delved into the research and benefits, if this product could do just half of what it's claimed I would jump at the chance to try it. After thorough research I ordered some carbon 60 oil from a reputable seller to test it for myself. I should note that I had prior to this been to the doctor for the first time in 30 years with pains in my upper chest area, which had persisted for some time. Thinking I was having heart problems I wanted some tests to see if the medical profession could shed some light on it. All the tests proved negative and the GP was at a loss to explain it but just made some suggestions to improve my health in general.

About My Experiance

I took the recommended dose for 3 weeks and the results were very impressive. The pains in my chest have stooped completely I still have no Idea what was causing them, just happy they are gone. My sleep improved, even my dreams had a more positive/happy feel to them, my general energy improved and I was thinking clearer, I was so impressed.

It's All About Quality

My research led me to believe that some companies were cutting corners and using lower quality C60 Fullerene which can cause more harm than good due to toxicity. I was so taken with this carbon oil that I decided I wanted as many people to know about this amazing product as I could, not only that I wanted everybody to have access to the best quality C60 Oil available, so I set about learning the manufacturing processes so I could personally provide the highest and purest quality Carbon 60 Oils.

So welcome to carbon 60 revolution, where I Guarantee that you will be able to purchase the very best quality Carbon 60 Oil anywhere. I use only the purest fullerene 99.95% and ultra pure 99.99% carbon 60, along with the highest quality organic cold pressed oils available. This combination makes our oils a very potent formula that will rid your body of toxicity and remove the stress from your immune system allowing it to do what it was intended for, keeping your body and mind healthy.

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We wish you great health wealth and happiness.


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